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Cover letters yay or nay


April 23, 2022

I read this article about how job-seekers are saying no to cover letters.

This is really funny to me as someone in design after 15 years because you need the following to win a design job in 2022:

✅  An online web portfolio

✅  A capabilities deck

✅  A deck specifically made for that specific audience

✅  A volume of demonstrated work that relates to that audience

✅  Tells a unique “story” that is not boring or confusing

Then people will:

👏  Skim the capabilities deck

👏  Look at one project on your site

👏  Ask you to give away strategy for their business on a call, or worse, fly you across the country to do it in person

👏  Dislike you for any # of minor reasons

👏  And then maybe say, wow, you’re not a good fit for what we need

But yes there is great controversy over adding a cover letter or whatever 😂

I know it’s different, but I laugh because I remember when I was fresh out of college completely repulsed at the idea of specifically writing a cover letter for any old job.

“I have to do 100 of these?” I didn’t even get a job from doing it either. My website did it.

Worse, my expectation was that it would be easier over time! Not so true.

Much harder to find a fit as your career needs change and the tech industry grows.

Now to succeed, you have to really cater your offer 10x more than a cover letter, while also having to go and seek out the right people to avoid bad fits. Gotta have both sides!

So with that I am pro-cover letter 110% if it’s something you really want. Gotta shoot your shot.

If you don’t want to write it, maybe that’s a sign it’s a bad fit for you!

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Bryce Thompson is a senior product designer originally from Syracuse, NY, living in Austin, TX.

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