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Lessons in relationship building


April 23, 2022

You know what business founders hate? Being told their business is a flaming house fire and that you’re the one ready to put it all out!

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Have you ever done OKRs for yourself AND your business?

If not, they’re a great way to keep yourself accountable and ladder up multiple results to a singular vision.

One of the problems though, I’ve found is that these goals are usually set within the business context only, and so many are “stretching” to achieve them, but not leaving enough room for their personal goals and KRs. Signing up for 9 results in a quarter is usually not a good idea if they are all business!

So when I started my new company, I wanted to take a more holistic approach to the business considering I’m so integral to it at these early stages.

That meant promoting my personal goals to the company level side-by-side with the business.

This results in me not spending as much time burning the midnight oil, or working on the weekends trying to drum up business. To do so, would run counter to one of my objectives.

Now when we get to the end of quarter, I’m measuring success in fitness, hikes, and runs. Pretty cool I think.

If you’re struggling to find work/life balance, tell me what your obstacles are I would love to know!

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Bryce Thompson is a senior product designer originally from Syracuse, NY, living in Austin, TX.

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