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We designed the B2B community UX for Atlassian to over 3 million monthly users from 1.2 million monthly users.

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Atlassian Community


Product design, experimentation


B2B community UX

Results & Outcomes

50k+ monthly active users

1.4M monthly sessions



Community profile, Atlassian User Groups (AUG)

Project length

12 months

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How might we get visitors to sign-in and engage with the Atlassian community?

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For each experiment, we would create alternates that would be tested through Optimizely. With each test, we would take the winners and implement them into production.
Through this process we would test for elements such as copy, location, interaction, and color. Furthermore, each test would isolate for a minimum of variation in order to get clear results.



Once a user has logged in, driving them to perform different activities was achieved with a “super flag” that would appear in the bottom right. So we designed several flags to appear in different contexts.


user profile


Profiles are places for the expertise of the community to really shine. So we designed a profile that contained only the most important data types like industry, accepted solutions, and recent activity.

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Since Community events happen in-person, it was essential to have a mobile-friendly version of an enhanced profile for people to sign up at different Atlassian sponsored events.


User groups

Atlassian Community is not only an online community, but it’s also a way for members to meet in person or for people in-person to join the Atlassian community.

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Community events

Community events allow Atlassian to better promote and educate individual cities about Agile methodology.

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