See how we delivered a B2B digital marketing presence with the goal of educating brick & mortar franchise owners about Idealspot and it’s industry-leading data analysis.

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Web designer, WordPress developer


B2B tech

Results & Outcomes

Increase in signups

Go-to-market website design



WordPress B2B marketing website

Project length

8 weeks

idealspot b2b tech information architecture

Site architecture

There was no shortage of product features, but customers were finding the product difficult to comprehend. For this B2B digital marketing site, the solution required that we deliver the site experience through the eyes of the customer. We did this by driving customers to their own custom landing pages.

idealspot b2b tech design style

Design guide

We created a web-based brand guide in order to rapidly design and build our pages. So when this is in place, our lives are a lot easier if there are optimizations.



We created an immersive and animated isometric scene that would highlight the qualitative analysis aspects of Idealspot.

idealspot b2b tech pricing page


We designed the pricing page to be more mobile-friendly. Additionally, we made it clearer what details were associated with different pricing tiers using color.

idealspot b2b tech user audiences

Customer experience

Important to a B2B digital marketing site is segmenting your customers at some point in their journey. So we created a dedicated solutions page to drive customers to those parts of the site.

idealspot b2b tech commercial listings

Commercial listings

Much of the WordPress site content consisted of commercial listings that served as a top of funnel entry into the product. Therefore we improved the CTA placement on this page in order to drive more signups.

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