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See how we delivered a north star vision and B2B product design for Written, a content monetization platform for creators and buyers.

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Product design, web design


B2B tech

Results & Outcomes

Northstar vision

Top of funnel marketing page



Customer product experience, customer landing

Project length

8 weeks

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Driving signups

Written has the problem of educating visitors about a solution that many people did not exist before. Therefore it was important to educate the customer on the value prop by allowing them to enter in their own website.

written b2b tech marketing onboarding


The new and improved B2B product design helped with conversion, but on the marketing site, the key was showing the unique value of the platform. Therefore, we showed the value of Written through an inputted url which would return viable campaigns.

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Almost every B2B product design isn’t complete until a dashboard is created in order to monitor the performance of an investment. In this case, the asset is content so therefore we showed engagement, keywords, CPC, and much more over a time duration.

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Content appraisal

Treating content like an asset means also an experience that can support the appraisal of content. Our hope was to also be able to include customer support members who would function as “real estate agents” for high-value pieces of content. 

written b2b tech content appraiser

A content marketplace

High performing content creators can then decide which of their blog posts to syndicate. So with that appraisal information made easily accessible, it’s easy to find new revenue streams and audiences for your site’s content.

written b2b tech custom landing abm

Account based marketing

With this B2B product design, we needed to create landing pages that were made up of content, unique to the prospective customer. So by doing this were able to show customers the unique value of their domain on Written and also introduce them to staff who would provide a white-glove customer experience.

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