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See how we connected B2B software buyers with vendors and nurtured a trustworthy and transparent buying cycle.




Product design, user research & testing


B2B Tech

Results & Outcomes
750k increase in monthly sessions

Community traffic and engagement northstars

Established user testing practice


Community (Traffic), Community (Engagement)

Project length

30 months

B2B tech


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” I’m looking for the best value for a software purchase and want to avoid the hassle of being harassed during the sales cycle.”

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” We need pre-qualified leads that are going to drive sales and give us a reason to continue investing in TrustRadius.”

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” I need the most important information about a software purchase so I can quickly make a decision. “


of of  

How might we design the future of B2B buying that puts the needs of the buyer first.

buyer journey

Understanding the buyer journey

We believed that by understanding where a buyer is in their journey, that we would be able to customize their browsing experience reducing the amount of noise in their buying decision. 


We applied a practice of delivering mobile first design for the purpose of improving our search and organic traffic. By improving satisfaction and reducing bounce rate % we were able to improve our position and dominate in several B2B software review categories.

Growing the

design library

TrustRadius had a strong foundation, but we were able to document and addend our Figma design system as we grew the product. Features like filtration and product cards used existing components and were made accessible to teammates.



B2B buyers spend a lot of time researching a product and we spent a design cycle working directly with stakeholders and buyers to validate a new B2B product page. 

What we learned

After performing a remote sprint in Miro, we delivered several Maze prototypes to our organic traffic. By using their real-to-life behavior, we were able to drive higher confidence decisions in the product.  

What didn’t


At TrustRadius we experimented with a lot of different product ideas that didn’t validate. Everything from increasing reviews to driving more value with our customers. Here are a few experiences that didn’t make the cut.

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Being a

team player

Working on a site like TrustRadius put me in a position that gave me a lot of exposure to marketers and salespeople. That’s why I went above and beyond to be a team player and support other functions by designing the stuff that doesn’t scale.

Delivering a new customer landing

I was so happy to contribute to design across the org that I managed to fit in designing and building the new landing for our B2B customers.

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Engagement outcomes

Engagement outcomes

new monthly sessions

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Transparency award



Workshops facilitated