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See how we connected enterprise hiring managers with top-tier tech talent on an innovative blockchain platform. 




Product design, user research & testing


B2B Tech

Results & Outcomes

750k increase in monthly sessions

Community traffic and engagement northstars

Established user testing practice


Community (Traffic), Community (Engagement)

Project length

30 months

trustradius cover

Journey mapping

After hundreds of interviews with B2B buyers, we not only compiled a set of visual artifacts to share with the broader team, but we also established a recurring line of communication with our audience.

trustradius category

Product categories

Our category pages are the main entry into the site from Google, so our solution had to weigh the SEO requirements for these pages since they have a large impact on sales conversations.

trustradius filtration


One of the most important insights from our initial interviews with B2B buyers was how self-serve they are in terms of collecting information. This leads us to a high confidence decision to invest in filtration at the category level.

trustradius product page

Product details

Product pages are the storefronts of companies like HubSpot, Zoom, and Oracle on TR, but these products can serve a lot of different buyers. Meanwhile, we had the challenge of reducing the time to value visitors to these pages.


By creating a summary level view of each product, we’re able to create smaller amounts of content to consume. If we learn anything from our users, we can bubble up relevant reviews to their role or company segmentation.

trustradius mobile first

Mobile first design

Google prioritizes mobile-optimized pages, and in a hotly competitive category of websites (B2B reviews), we needed to maintain our page position at scale across our largest categories. By taking a mobile-first approach, we were able to push the overall user experience while maintaining the status quo.

trustradius decision board

Decision boards

Once users are able to find what they’re looking for, typically, they’ll want to share what they’ve learned about a piece of software with their peers in order to expedite a buying decision.

trustradius tech stack

Tech stack

On TrustRadius, reviews are at the core of the value proposition of the platform, and we shaped a solution that would incentivize reviewers to tell us what software they’re interested in.

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