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See how we re-positioned Grace Hill, a property management tech company with a B2B WordPress design. 

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Web design, product design, WordPress development


B2B tech

Results & Outcomes

B2B WordPress design and marketing experience

Improved customer product experience



WordPress marketing experience, customer support experience, and customer product experience

Project length

10 months

A site that delivers authentic industry  commentary  

A major point of focus for Grace Hill was being able to develop authority in their industry on compliancy and other unique topics. Therefore we created a blog experience that reflected the beautiful locations these properties often inhabit.

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Events and


Developing a voice in the industry was a top priority for the marketing team at Grace Hill. So we created an events template for the site that would allow our team to run informative campaigns that would drive attendance.

Creating a knowledge base

For B2B WordPress design, it’s important to answer the questions of your customers before they engage with your team. Therefore we developed a FAQ home that would allow customers and visitors to self-serve. 

gracehill b2b tech property faqs
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that convert

Once we had worked on enough of the product, we designed and developed landings that could be duplicated in order to drive conversions to specific product offerings. Therefore it’s possible to go-to-market with a new feature faster when you’ve already created a winning formula on the marketing side.

Answering the questions

of a prospective customer

When a visitor arrives at one of our product landing pages, our formula was to distill the value proposition to it’s simplest components. However, we also wanted to bring in related authoritative content, and isolate newly designed aspects of the platform.

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Nurturing customer behavior

Shifting our attention to the customer product experience, we designed a gamification feature that would allow property managers and employees to track the compliancy of their facilities.

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Training employees

Being able to remotely train employees at a facility is one of the great value propositions of Grace Hill since property managers can be more hands-off with their team. So when we introduced VisionCasts, it offered up that much more of the hands-off ability that our customers wanted.

Engagement outcomes

Grace Hill started out as a B2B wordpress design, but we ended up touching a lot of aspects of the product. Because we were able to cover a few areas, it allowed us to better educate prospective customers at the landing page level.


monthly traffic

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