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See how we connected enterprise hiring managers with top-tier tech talent on an innovative blockchain platform. 

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Product design, user research & testing

Results & Outcomes

Product validation with testing committee

Improved platform UX


Hiring manager UX, talent UX, design library

Project length

4 months

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How might we design a profile page for tech talent that answers the types of questions a prospective hiring decision maker might have. We articulated these possible criteria as “fit”, “past work”, and “expertise”.

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User testing

After we had created our initial tests, we connected with different hiring managers who would regularly hire at the enterprise company segmentation. We showed them the different talent profiles and used their feedback to generate a refined solution.

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Refining a solution

One of our biggest learnings was that enterprise hiring managers have to long list hundreds of candidates. This meant trying to create better summary level information about each possible candidate shortening their time to finding talent. These skills can also be a better indicator of both “fit” and “expertise” since we learned that those were the most important to hiring managers.


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By creating a mobile version of the talent profile, hiring managers are able to continue to make informed decisions on candidates any time of the day.

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Driving acquisition

Much of the funnel for enterprise hiring managers we predicted could through Google organic traffic so it was important to emphasize the credibility of the platform.

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Posting a job

Once a hiring manager had decided to post a job, we made it easy for them to get the right level of service for their hiring needs. For example, if you’re hiring at the enterprise level, it can be a lot different than what you might find at the SMB company segmentation.

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