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See how we designed a health tech marketing experience for VCs, students, entrepreneurs, and much more.

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Web design

Results & Outcomes

New marketing experience

Increase in traffic and lead conversions


Multi-segment marketing website

Project length

8 weeks

A portfolio

of health tech innovators

The biggest value for visitors of Startup Health is learning about up and coming health tech news, as well as get insight into the portfolio of companies that are new or longstanding members. So we wanted to created a company portfolio page that indexed on the people behind the innovation. 

startup health tech global family

Information mapping

A lot of information was already on the site, but it needed to co-exist with the new and evolving mission of Startup Health. So we created a map to understand where some content would be delegated or bucketed into new groups.

startup health tech information architecture
startup health tech wireframes

Getting early


For any health tech marketing project, it’s a good idea to wireframe the broader user experience in order to get alignment with the stakeholder team early-on. So after we got approval, the design of the site itself quickly progressed.

The Homepage

The goal of the homepage was to mainly collect leads for future email campaigns. So we created a custom input form that would allow visitors to self select as a VS or just someone that wants to learn more about Startup Health. 

startup health tech homepage

Increasing conversion

In addition to an input form on the homepage, we created a modal that would trigger on a possible “bounce” on the page. By making the design responsive, we also increase the likelihood of a conversion happening on a mobile device.

startup health tech home page mobile desktop

The health tech


Being able to show the diversity of the Startup Health family was important so that SUH could increase the number of women founders and under privileged founders applying to the incubator. So we showed a large set of statistics that conveyed how important this is to the Startup Health culture. 

startup health tech companies
startup health tech company startup detail profile

Showcasing  innovation

Thinking about the experience of the visitor, we wanted to give them the ability to get an overview of a company while staying in-flow on the page.

So we created a modal view for companies that gave companies a chance to surface the most important information about their innovation.



the founder journey

Not only did we want to show the founders, but we also wanted to demonstrate the financials of the company and it’s history getting to this point. So showing video gave founders a way to personalize their page and a funding section enabled them to share their financial story.

startup health tech company profile

Demonstrating industry expertise 

A major key in health tech marketing is being able to establish a unique voice of expertise in an emerging industry. So we created a dynamic and vibrant experience that would enable the many content marketers at the incubator.

startup health tech article mobile desktop
startup health tech join the movement

Creating fanatics

Startup Health is a company on a mission to transform healthcare meaning that there is a real grassroots movement that the SUH team is trying to cultivate and nurture. So we created a landing page that is intended to not just get applications, but create dedicated and passionate followers.


for the brand

Working with the Startup Health brand was a real treat since we got to use a broader range of some of our favorite colors to work with. So when we were ending the engagement we created a media kit page that housed a lot of that information.

startup health tech brand guidelines media kit

Engagement outcomes

Working on a health tech marketing engagement like Startup Health was a great learning experience where we were really at the ground floor of emerging health tech. Many companies we would get in touch with came out of our relationship with SUH.

We increased applications and today SUH has an even bigger portfolio of diverse people and companies.  

days to complete

membership applications increase

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