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See how we helped design the north star vision for Startup Health alumni, Valera Health.

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Product design, web design

Results & Outcomes

North star vision

100+ company


Provider experience, patient experience, marketing experience 

Project length

8 weeks


new patients

One of the most critical aspects of any health tech startup, is communicating your value proposition to new users. This is especially true in new and emerging sub-sectors. So when people arrived at Valera Health, we wanted to communicate the behavioral aspect of the care, as well as the expertise that the team would apply to ensure your success.

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Mental health intake

Once we’ve capture interest in the product, visitors need to enter in some basic information that will later be used to create their patient record. So in order to deter bounces, we included benefits in proximity to the form to encourage form completion. 

valera health tech intake form
valera health tech schedule appointments


an appointment

Since Valera is a health tech startup with a SaaS medical service, there needs to be an ability to schedule with providers without having to wait for confirmation.

So we designed an all-in-one screen that provide the availability of clinicians in an easy to understand format.

The provider experience

After we’ve gotten interest and an appointment through the website, we needed to provide a 1000-ft view of patients for the providers. So not only did we track the patient schedule for a provider, we also gave them an easy way to get insight about a patient based on  their PHQ-9 form.

valera health tech dashboard experience
valera health tech mobile app

Patient experience

Patients after their confirmation of their appointment, are encouraged to download the app which have CBT training on mindfulness and other exercises.

Additionally, the wanted to give them ways to continually update the app with their mental state. When patients are able to do this, it becomes an effective way for providers to get an extra automated layer of analysis.


Engagement outcomes

Valera Health was a very successful engagement and we worked together again in the future. Today they are a 100+ company still specializing in CBT mental health care. The north star served as a foundational artifact that would guide the broader product experience post-engagement

days to complete

company size growth

product screens