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See how we validated market fit for a home infusion marketplace for specialty pharmacies and travel nurses. 

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Product design and brand identity

Results & Outcomes

Product validation with testing committee

Identity and systems design

Product marketing enablement 

Improved platform UX


Branding strategy, mobile application design, platform design, WordPress marketing experience, user testing

Project length

3 months

health tech home infusion assured rn ux user story flow diagram


Nova brings a lot of experience in health tech, but this was a sub-sector of health tech that we hadn’t had any significant experience with. Therefore we engaged with our experts to get us up to speed over the course of a remote design workshop.


One of the keys to product development is getting something testable into the hands of users early-on. So we were able to build a prototype with some of our early thinking. An iteration on our problem became:


Would travel nurses prefer to find a job by location, or would they prefer to find it by having more detailed information about compensation upfront?

maze user test assuredrn health tech heatmap

Maze testing

Even though compensation was the most important factor in the survey, location was the starting point for understanding the complete compensation picture when we analyzed responses with heat map data.


In the image you can see that only 2 of our participants engaged with the detailed job listings below the map, in order to find an infusion job.

Session UX

So after learning how much compensation factored into the travel nursing experience, we extended our learnings to the patient care experience for nurses. As you can see when a nurse is in that part of the user experience, compensation is a prominent feature in both the dashboard and in-session views.

Pharmacy UX

Then after validating the travel RN mobile experience, we spent a cycle on the pharmacy scheduling experience where there was a pre-existing application with market fit. Therefore, we could spend less time on validating product direction, and more time on fixing problems in the existing interface.

health tech home infusion assured rn design system

Design library

While we are working with the product, we’re also simultaneously exploring and iterating the identity of the brand as we learn more about our users. Because we are so close to the value of the product, it’s easier to deliver an identity that hits the mark.

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