Helping  insure homeowners on the 

Texas Gulf Coast

Just after Hurricane Sandy struck the coastline, we launched a new insurance tech marketing experience for the only wind and hail insurance provider for thousands of homeowners.

texas windstorm insurance association public sector homepage mockup isolated

Web design, user research, WordPress development


Insurance, public sector

Results & Outcomes

Customer-segmented education experience

Public sector compliant WordPress site and implementation

 SEO friendly insurance agent directory


Homeowner experience, Agent experience, WordPress administration UI  

Project length

4 months

texas windstorm insurance association public sector wireframes

Segmenting our audiences

For TWIA and insurance tech marketing we needed to serve the needs of our different audiences. Initially we had a lot of questions on whether or not that would work. So we designed early prototypes that we used to gather feedback. 

Developing a visual style

The original was “very orange” so we brought in a new complementing color palette and visual accents without disrupting their current brand.  By demoting orange and promoting blues and golds, we encouraged a more trusting opinion of the brand. Whereas with orange it can come off like danger and warning. 

texas windstorm insurance association public sector styleguide

Refining a solution

Once we had tested our prototype with users, we designed a high-fidelity version that we would use alongside our style tile to build the site in WordPress. You can see from the design that the audience segmentation allowed us to present a more complete information picture to the visitor. Before, the site tried to serve all of the audience content at the same time in the viewport.

texas windstorm insurance association public sector homepage full

Finding an

insurance agent

One of the major pieces of content that the site serves is a directory of insurance agents with experience working with TWIA. By migrating this database into WordPress, we were able to make our agent director searchable at the Google SERP level in addition to the site itself.

texas windstorm insurance association public sector find an agent

The agent


Educating agents on how to engage with not only TWIA, but also provide alerts and news having to do with major weather events was central to this insurance tech marketing experience. In the context of an agent, this is where they would receive those announcements, as well as get training on new protocols and procedures.

texas windstorm insurance association public sector agent portal
texas windstorm insurance association public sector windstorm certifications

Getting certified

For homeowners, being able to self-serve their certification can be a big head-ache if their confused by which certification to complete. Although we can’t reduce the length of the certification process, we designed an experience that increased the likelihood of driving homeowners to the right place showing the differences between WPI-8-C and WPI-8 forms.

Recasting the


TWIA is a government agency of Texas and at the time, suffering from a poor perception by their customers. Therefore with the about page as well as several other pages, we wanted to come across much more effectively and trustworthy. We wanted to show that TWIA isn’t some nebulous government agency, but rather a group of Texans that are preserving the Texas coastline.

texas windstorm insurance association public sector about us

Engagement outcomes

One of the most challenging obstacles of the project was that Hurricane Sandy and the after math were in full effect. Meaning it was hard to get engagement and the project duration went longer than normal. Nonetheless, we pushed forward and delivered a complete experience that served all of the different audiences of Texas Windstorm. For an insurance tech marketing site, we were able to increase the footprint of the site by over 10k pages with the agent directory.

This meant that visitors didn’t have to type TWIA into Google, just their home insurance agent name to discover TWIA. This can be incredibly helpful especially when most people we learned, didn’t know they had TWIA insurance!

Days to complete

monthly traffic increase

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