Helping patients
walk again

See how Nova designed the medical device user experience of the Alter G anti-gravity treadmill, a rehabilitation tool for patients and athletes.


Product design, user research, user testing


Health tech, Medical devices

Results & Outcomes

North star vision

Product validation with testing committee


Patient treadmill and physical therapist experiences

Project length
9 months
health tech alter g user research


How do we create a medical device user experience for an innovative treadmill that makes it easier for physical therapists to treat patients in order to improve their ability to walk and run?

health tech alter g wireframe 1

Interface UX

After a workshop in Tulsa, OK, put together a rough prototype that we would test with physical therapists and clinicians in the local area to get their feedback.

Logging in

Once we received feedback, we began to create high-fidelity walkthroughs that we would use to demo to prospective customers, board members, and team members. Having a hands-on prototype really helps get actionable feedback.

Starting a session

Starting a session entailed having the Alter G machine calibrate your body weight to create the feeling of weightlessness..

In session

A session was made up of several tools for the clinician, but it also contained several different views for the education and entertainment of the patient. So we created nature scenes and training materials that would help them engage with the machine while in-session.

Admin UX

We also worked on the physical therapist experience that included onboarding and setup of their facilities. 

health tech alter g mock 1


For admins, being able to see how several different facilities are engaging with the Alter G treadmill is important for performance benchmarking. So we created a multi-location view that gives meaningful insight into the broader medical device user experience. 

health tech alter g mock 3

Patient data

Being able to see all of the patients in one view allows for quick access to important information on overall progress.

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