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See how we created a web and mobile application experience for patients, clinicians, and pharmacists. 


Product design, web design, and brand identity

Results & Outcomes

Identity and systems design

Product marketing enablement 

Improved platform UX


Branding strategy, mobile application design, platform design, WordPress marketing experience

Project length

6 months


tech audiences

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” I’m looking for higher paying at-home care opportunities in my area.”

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Specialty Pharmacists

” I have infusion jobs I need reputable providers to fulfill.”

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” I need to be able to assign available providers as I work with the patient.”


How might we design a pharmacy tech product, identity, and design system that can connect patients with pharmacists with as little friction as possible across web and mobile.

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Expanding the 

A pharmacy health tech product needs a modern brand in order to convey concepts like trust and expertise. So we took the basic elements of Superior’s brand, and expanded it into system that can take into account several different contexts. 

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Documenting a new 
brand guide

The new brand guide had to account for several other subsidiary pharmacy brands. So we provided guidelines as well as color palettes that those pharmacies could use to build their own marketing presences.

health tech superior biologics brand guide
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A mobile 

patient experience

For patients, most of their interaction with Superior would be in the form of a text message, that would drive them to a mobile web application experience.

So it was important that we maintain a light weight experience that put emphasis on only the most important jobs to be done. 



patients to their 

Patients find it burdensome to download applications just to have to do basic tasks with their pharmacy. That’s why being able to schedule and message with just an SMS “magic” link can be so valuable.

health tech superior biologics mobile patient experience
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Being able to see a high-level of issues and forms is important for physicians to prioritize the needs of their patients. So we created a way to see issues from the dashboard, but also put emphasis on the real-time communication that we wanted to encourage in the patient experience.

Developing a 

marketing presence

Finally, we worked with the Superior team to deliver a new Divi WordPress experience that served as a one-stop place for patients to find locations and connect with providers.

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