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See how we helped outdoor tech company, RVshare, connect RV owners and renters with a modernized shopping experience.



Product design, user research & testing

Results & Outcomes

Product experience that gets 2M+ sessions/mo


Shopping , checkout, homepage, and RV owner listing experiences

Project length

45 days

Outdoor tech



Owners and renters share a lot in common, but they possess very different motivations and desires. Many RV owners are senior citizens and don’t “full-time” in their RVs.

Meanwhile, many millennial-aged renters are looking at the RV lifestyle as a potential full-time endeavor. Therefore they see the need to test out different possible options before committing.

How might we deliver a shopping experience that gives RV renters the necessary information and confidence to get on the road.  

outdoor tech user audiences rv owners


” I have had an RV for years, but it spends a lot of time in the driveway or in a paid cover parking lot.”

outdoor tech user audiences rv renters


” We’re looking to get into the RV lifestyle, but want to try out different options and see what’s a good fit for us.”

Ideating solutions

In the beginning we explored several different possible solutions. We used these sketches to start a conversation around the differences between sites like RVshare, Outdoorsy, Home Away, AirBNB, and more.

outdoor tech whiteboard session
outdoor tech style tile visual direction

Style tile

RVshare didn’t have a defined design system so we expanded on their base color of blue and introduced a more modern typeface (Futura). We also explored different visual concepts relating with RV living.

A discoverable


The homepage for RVshare is critical in helping a user find an RV in their area. The homepage also serves the RV owner by providing a way to start the listing process.

outdoor tech find an rv home page

Shopping discovery

When a visitor is using the rental listings page, they need to be able to turn on/off several different filterable options.

Many of these options are unique to the RV rental industry, and it’s often that many rv renters are unsure of what they’re looking for. So being able to educate renters on those differences in the context of filtration, becomes much more important. 

RV details

It’s not all glamor shots and Instagram-worthy photos in the outdoor tech industry. One of the biggest challenges of the RV rental product page was just how poor some of the photos could be.

If that was difficult, an even bigger challenge was the number of unique options that any given RV would need, in order to calculate towards the nightly price. The options possible on an RV are seemingly limitless.

Listing an RV

For RV owners, RVshare can be an unexpected alternative form of income. So our job on the listing page was to tap into their use case, and communicate the benefits of RVshare.

outdoor tech list your rv

Engagement outcomes

We had a relatively short engagement with RVshare, but once the design was in place it had an immediate positive impact. With improved on-page satisfaction, we doubled monthly traffic and increased monthly rentals during the busiest time of year for RV travel, the summer of 2018.

monthly sessions

screens created

net new monthly rentals