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See how we designed a data-driven platform experience for commercial insurance underwriting teams.

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Product design


Insurance, financial services

Results & Outcomes

Customer-driven enterprise product design

Improved customer satisfaction



Collaborative dashboard, single/multi-location views, onboarding, gamification 

Project length

9 months

Insurance tech audiences

 Commercial insurance underwriting in this context is the financial guarantee provided when a brick and mortar business is purchasing commercial insurance.

Underwriters are responsible for their own level of risk appetite, and will assess a business location for risk factors, similar to an investment. Then they accept/deny an insurance application based on a set of pre-determined criteria.

This criteria is set out by the underwriting management team similar to a stock portfolio strategy is outlined by industry and sector.

insurance tech user audience owners


” I manage hundreds of underwriters, and I need to be able to track their performance and ensure they are working off of the same risk appetite and assessment modeling.”

insurance tech user audience underwriters


“When we get a new commercial insurance policy, I need to be able to collect all of the data in one place about that business so I can effectively assess risk.”


How might we design a solution that gives managers control over their team’s risk appetite, but also give underwriters the complete data picture of a commercial insurance applicant?


The insurance  
underwriting solution

Being able to consistently focus in on the rich data problem, we were able to shape designs that unified all of the information an underwriter would need in order to make an assessment.

Additionally, we sought out ways to make the underwriting experience in the application engaging and at times, even fun. 

insurance tech user flows


The dashboard is intended to give a high-level status on multiple insurance applications that are in-progress or being neglected. So when a user logs in for the first-time, we wanted to show them how the dashboard works and how to monitor their performance

Adding a


One of the main user flows of the product experience is adding a location, or uploading data to create sets of multiple locations. So in the case of a multi-location business, the data story becomes exponentially richer.



Throughout the experience we wanted to encourage users who are engaged with the data, or moving their application through the underwriting process. So we created a modal solution that would create an a-ha experience when triggered. 

Monitor your

team’s trajectory

Part of the brand was heavy into airplane motif so we translated that into a status monitor for the underwriting manager. If you’re on course, it’s all clear skies. 

insurance tech monitor team analytics
insurance tech location analysis

The complete 

data story

The data available for any given location is immense. So we created a design solution that gives underwriters a lot of cotnrol over what they’re seeing. Everything from hours of operation, to alcohol on-premise, or even what permits the business has. Everything about a business needed to be accessible from the location view.


Evaluate multi-location


As we shaped the single location, the bigger problem was the multi-location view. In this context, a franchise could hundreds of locations all across the world. So we created a tab navigation system that could support endless locations at scale. Additionally, we designed analysis of the business that would account for multi-location aggregate data.

insurance tech mulitple location analysis

Stay in

Much of the business detail information is available through the location experience. However, we saw an additional opportunity to pull in 3rd party sources that would keep underwriters in the application.


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