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This is the future?


April 23, 2022

I don’t know about you, but I don’t live in the future of productivity that you see in the movies like Minority Report. 

Is there some super secret tech out there y’all are just keeping to yourselves while everybody else like me is struggling to figure out how to manage work AND my life on 1 computer?

Even if I could magically perform deep analysis, and foresee the future with the touch of a button or the flick of a wrist, would I really want to?

Sidenote: If one of you out there is predicting the future with an augmented reality, immersive, SaaS tool please do leave a comment.

For me, I completely lose it just trying to rationalize one productivity software over another just to conclude that I need both! Or none!

Anyway, maybe in Minority Report 2 they’ll figure out how to copy my calendar availability into unformatted text so I can paste it into a message.

We’re dreaming big over here. We have the simplest problems in 2022 going unsolved because there is such a lack of incentive to solve the problems of the human experience.

There are so many dead, once useful projects out there, and it’s just sad to see them gone and something more complex and predatory in it’s place. Now the value of a website is almost always tied to some kind of quid pro quo. “You want this? Nuh-uh you gotta give us your email.”

That didn’t used to be the case as much in my opinion.

However, there is a TON of financial incentive to remove humans completely from all kinds of businesses. Where’s the balance?

That’s why I’m going to be posting this kind of content more, here and on my website where we can chat about the state of human-centric design. Complain, really. Should people have to trade personal data for productivity? Where does the person end and the data machine begin? I would like to know.

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Bryce Thompson is a senior product designer originally from Syracuse, NY, living in Austin, TX.

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