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New businesses have huge obstacles on their way to the top. That’s why you need the right partners to help you.

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Problems facing startup teams

Defying the odds

Only 33% of startups will become profitable and of those, only 51% will be around in 5 years.

Achieving market fit

14% of startups fail in the first year due to not regarding customers’ needs.

Getting funding

The time of year, detail, data, and value of your pitch to investors all impact your funding levels.

Generating new business

When founders spend too much time on product and development, that’s time not finding new customers. 

The sophomore slump

Failure is most common for startups during years two through five, with 70% falling into this category.

Maintaining competitive edge

Other notable cases of failure are a weak founding team (23%) and being beat by competition (19%).

How Nova helps startup teams

Product validation

From the very beginning, we map out your users and engage with them directly through our passive testing methods.

Collaborative design

We perform Google Venture Sprints and leverage the thought capital of your cross-functional team.

Brand & identity design

We work with you and your team to develop a brand strategy that’s deeply connected to the goals of your business.

Nova, your not-so-secret weapon

Passive user testing

We’ve developed an easy method to get feedback from users, early and often.


From the beginning, we will develop a relationship with your users in order to deliver our solutions.


We respect deadlines and aim to always overdeliver.

Clear communication

We understand that proactive and thoughtful communication is the backbone to a successful engagement.

No-code by design

With tools like WebFlow and Divi, we can be a lean mean user-satisfying machine..

Award-winning visual design

We’ve been the recipient of Awwwards recognition and national ADDY awards.

What people are saying

testimonial 2

“Like all true talents Bryce requires coworkers step up their game(s), but he's fun to work with and brings tremendous energy and passion to the UX profession. I'd hire Bryce again in a heartbeat.”

Scott Brittain, CTO, Digital Pharmacist (100+ employees)

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“I LOVED working with Bryce - and if you get the chance to work with or for him, you should take it.”

Russ Somers, CMO, Lytho (100+ employees)

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Marketing Directors

Marketers and especially product marketers have a lot of cross over with product. See how we build trusted brands.

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