Product-led growth

Bryce Thompson


Value can come from anywhere in a company, but product-led growth is where net-new value is revealed, tested, and learned from. If product is doing it’s job, everything else can snap into place.

It creates the bedrock of a modern business, and confidence comes from this very special place in a company.If you are investing your money on quick fixes, big campaigns, more leads, and firing engineers designers and product people.You need to know, that some of us out here are ALL about value creation. It is in our blood.So don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.Navigating this market, you NEED to test your value continuously and rapidly because there is new information coming out all the time. Otherwise you are constantly reacting without the right tools to understand how it impacts your business and it’s unique value.How many of your c-level people have gone through something like the last 3-4 years?::: crickets :::Exactly. What does that experience mean in this environment? Where do you get confidence?In product, we are masters at managing reaction. We believe you need to develop and build confidence, even when the data is constantly telling us different things.As a designer, that’s all I do. Help you build confidence in your decision-making, and I understand that decisions need to be made with lightning expediency.So now is the time to invest in your value, otherwise you’re going to be pivoting over and over and over again. Spiraling ever downward.I live out of a van though, don’t listen to me 🙂