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We create user-driven brand experiences by helping business leaders find product market fit, tell their unique story, and win new & repeat business.

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What makes Nova unique is that we analyze the data inputs into your business, collaboratively design with your team, and rapidly test resulting in “people-centric” digital brands. 

bryce thompson, founder and director, nova

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Jobs to be done

Validating market fit

Rapidly growing the product experience

Creating and scaling a design system for stakeholders

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Marketing DESIGN

Jobs to be done

Generating qualified leads for sales

Telling a unique story in the marketplace

Delivering a multi-channel brand presence

our Services

Brand strategy

We interview your team and deliver a comprehensive brief that distills your winning formula into a cohesive digital brand that uniquely positions your company in your industry.

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Product strategy

We workshop with your stakeholders to reframe business problems, produce deliverables such as north star visions, and present recommendations covering everything from validation to execution.

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Research & user testing

We interview your audience and use agile UX testing to do things like rapidly validate PMF, understand emerging opportunities, and sanity check solutions that you’re taking to market before you waste capital building them.

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Product design

We work with your engineering and product teams to deliver design that is validated, exciting to build, and creates a foundation for growing product at your organization.

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Visual design

We work with your marketing and sales teams to deliver beautiful extensions of your brand across multiple channels working closely with product, in order to create a consistent overall experience.

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Divi WordPress development

We stand up marketing experiences and deliver your unique story to your audience with the goal of improving your search presence and lead conversion.

TECH stack
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Health tech
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Pharma tech

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Green tech

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B2B tech
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What other business leaders say
“Like all true talents Bryce requires coworkers step up their game(s), but he’s fun to work with and brings tremendous energy and passion to the UX profession. I’d hire Bryce again in a heartbeat.”

Scott Brittain, CTO

Digital Pharmacist
“Bryce has always been a pleasure to work with and has excellent design and UX skills.”

Patrick Denney, CTO

Envoy Innovations
“I LOVED working with Bryce – and if you get the chance to work with or for him, you should take it.”

Russ Somers, CMO

“Bryce isn’t afraid of asking really good questions to make sure we’re doing the right things for the user and not just moving forward on a decision because someone was the loudest.”

Kaylin Gilkey, Director of SEO

Awards and recognition
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Elements of Advertising – Digital Creative Technology

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Innovative Learning Institute

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RIT Online

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We are happy to have designed experiences with some of the most innovative organizations in the world.

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Selected work
atlassian iso

We worked with Atlassian Community to deliver a product experience that increased monthly active users by 50k/month and traffic to 3 million/month.

hikertan iso

We self-started an outdoor hiking brand and dropship store that gets beginner hikers and couples out on the trail.

assuredrn iso

We created a new brand identity and validated the north star vision for an on-demand infusion nursing marketplace.

idealspot iso

We extended the brand of this early-stage startup and built a B2B WordPress site that increased monthly SQLs by $20k/month .

alter g iso

We designed and user tested a health tech experience and medical device for Alter G’s anti-gravity treadmill.